Probably the dullest post I’ve ever written


The most boring post I've ever written


And there’s not even much food in it, apologies.

This one definitely falls into must do rather than want to do, but given recent changes in ASA guidelines around affiliate marketing, then I needed to flag this.

If you’re not sure what affiliate marketing is, the simple guide is to think of it as a commission. With some links to things I write about, if you purchase that thing from that site, or anything else from them in a set time, then they send me money.

To be fair, not much money, but they do send it.

They just don’t drive what’s on here. My posts are never driven by having links, I wouldn’t write something with the sole purpose of driving cash. Or if I had been, then I’m really bad at it, as I’ve probably made enough over the years for a decent bottle of champagne.

Just the one.

I write for the love of it really, the small amount of cash is incidental. It doesn’t influence what I write about, and I write many more times about stuff with no commercial return at all.

I will obviously comply with the ASA rulings, and going forward will show affiliate and non affiliate links, the choice is yours on where to click.

It’s an interesting area, because when you think about magazines, there’s very little disclosure there. I’m not talking about things like advertorials, which are explicit about being paid for, but it’s more things like how many lunches or lovely events were involved, how many free products for “testing” and photography before a product hits the pages. None of this has to be declared to the reader.

I always declare when I’ve been sent products or books, and there really is no intent to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. If in doubt, please feel free to ask me!