Great gifts for my gorgeous fellow gin lovers


A shelf full of Irish gin loveliness


There doesn’t seem to be a mention of gin on Facebook without at least one of my friends tagging me in it. Now, I do love my gin, though possibly don’t drink anywhere near as much as my reputation seems to suggest!

But gin lovers are being well catered for this Christmas, even without a bottle of the hard stuff being part of the gift. Here’s some of my favourites:


Adore Gin Christmas Card


Firstly, you’ll be needing a Christmas card for them. This hits the right note.


Making a gin putting in ice sweatshirt


If it’s cold outside, you’ll need wrapping up warm.


Don't come in if you haven't got gin


Want to make sure you only get the right kind of guests? Hang this one on the front door instead of the traditional wreath.


Anti Stress Remedy Gin Glass


Even the thought of guests stressing you out? You’ll need this anti stress remedy glass to serve your perfect gin and tonic in.


Gin and Tonic Tea


Too early for gin? Is it ever too early for gin? Anyway, gin and tonic tea with your toast anyone?


Gin & Lemon Jam

Talking of toast, how about upgrading your normal jam and switching to a Gin & Lemon jam?


Relationship status gin mug


And you’ll be needing a mug to serve your tea in, and possibly raise a smile or two.

Pickerings Gin Christmas Baubles

Now you’ll be ready to decorate the tree. Gin filled baubles are definitly my kind of thing. Though no one will notice if you replace it with water on the quiet.


Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lip Balm

A quick slick of gin and tonic lip balm and you’ll be ready to take on the day.


Gin Bunny Gym Bag


Time for a trip to the gin. Oh, sorry, that should say gym. But why give up the habit of a lifetime? But I do love this as a gym bag.


Drink more gin personalised apron

Time to cook dinner, so you’ll be needing a good apron. This one has my name all over it. Although it could have yours, as there’s a personalised element to it too.


Craft Gin & Tonic Hamper


So, maybe it’s time to actually get onto the good stuff. I really love Craved and this Craft Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit is a winner with me. With London Dry Gin or Old Tom Gin, it comes with built in snacks. It’s a night in in a box.


Gin soy wax candle


Start the wind down, and get your gin and tonic candle lit. Few deep breaths in, and a gentle sip of that G&T you made earlier.


Gin hot water bottle cover


Now, fill up your hot water bottle (with water, not gin) and head off to bed, to dream dreams of days and nights ahead filled with good gin.

And if you need to find some other gin based ways to fill your day, then check out Gin School. Great way to spend a few hours.



When is gin not a gin?


Minus 33 Juniper Distilled SpiritO


Well, the answer is when it’s Minus 33 Juniper Distilled Spirit.

Now, if I remember anything from my night at Gin School, it was that juniper has to be dominant. But the finished product has also got to be of an ABV of above 37.5%.

So this beautiful looking bottle of spirit is pretty much gin in all but potency. But it makes up for it in taste, with 9 botanicals, including juniper but also lavender, elderflower, angelica and citrus. It’s very natural with no artificial flavours, preservatives or added sugar.

And should you be counting the calories, then this is perfect, as it comes in at only 46 calories per serving. You could add the Fevertree Low Calorie Tonic Water, which is only 15 calories for 100ml. Which I think you’ll find is significantly less than in 200g of kale.

I know which I’d prefer.

Brewed by Loca Lab, who are new, interesting and innovative, you can buy this directly from them or from someone like Master of Malt. I think I could add this into my cupboard. After all, it’s not as though it’s another bottle of gin.


Back to school blues? Not with 45 Gin School


The best school lessons ever: a night of gin at 45 Gin School - perfect gift for a food lover who loves their gin


Got the Sunday night back to school/work blues? Here’s a lesson that cheers a day up: head to 45 Gin School and brew your own bottle of gin. I promise, chemistry was never this much fun.

Let me start by saying that I think this is one of the best gift ideas I’ve come across in quite a while, and I think whether gin lover, food lover, science geek or just fun lover, this is a great thing to go and do.


Messy Bessy: the starting point of great gin - perfect gift for a food lover who loves their gin


You don’t expect tales of great gin, or a great few hours, to start with “we headed for a farm on the outskirts of Loughborough”. But this one does. The gin school happens at the home of Burleigh’s Gin, and it is on a farm. But once inside, you are transported away to the world of craft distilling. Possibly helped by a Tom Collins. Or two.

Jamie Baxter is the master distiller, and your guide. I love people who are enthusiastic about stuff, any stuff, and Jamie knows his stuff about gin and is most definitely enthusiastic. I could have listened to him for ages, the only person I know who has made an EU directive sound interesting.


Jamie and his still, making EU directives interesting - perfect gift for a food lover who loves their gin


You’ll get to know about the distilling process, the bottling process, the botanicals…everything you could ever wish to know, and then you get the history. All of which is fascinating, and then you get down to distilling your own bottle of gin.


Fabulous choice of botanicals to go in your gin - perfect gift for a food lover who loves their gin


Selecting your own botanicals is a little daunting (apart from juniper, which you will have heard several times for Jamie needs to be the dominant flavour for it be classified as gin), but Jamie is great at offering advice. There were gin and tonics flowing by this stage, and plenty of conversation between all of my fellow first time distillers.

We were all thrilled to go through the whole process, of watching our gin drip into beakers, blending it with water, measuring its strength…the whole lot was really exciting. Writing your name on your own bottle of gin was really exhilarating, and I just really enjoyed the whole evening.


Blending it with water - perfect gift for a food lover who loves their gin


From the still to the bottle: my gin - perfect gift for a food lover who loves their gin


Me and my gin - perfect gift for a food lover who loves their gin


In fact the only downside was waiting the suggested few days to try the gin! I waited 5, and it was a treat. Of course, everyone was biased, everyone thought theirs was marvellous, but why not? Can you imagine the bragging rights you get each time you get your own gin out to make a drink or two? This really is the gift that keeps on giving.


Got to wait for it... - perfect gift for a food lover who loves their gin


You can buy an experience voucher, at £90 for one, or £110 for one plus one spectator. You get the tour, something to drink, and your full size bottle of gin. The bragging rights are thrown in for free.

My thanks to the team at 45 Gin School for the invite to this particular event, it was an amazing evening, and lovely to meet some other local bloggers too. If you want to read other views of the evening, then try The Sticky Beak Blog or Midweek Cocktail Club as good starting points.

I’ll be in the kitchen mixing the best gin and tonic ever.


Spoil your mum, with her own mother’s ruin


Gin distilling for your mum for Mother's Day - perfect gift for a food lover who loves their gin


At least there’s a decent gap between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, allowing you to get organised. It was chaos the year there was only two weeks between the two events. To be fair, probably only for “some” of the population.

If your mum likes her gin, then how about letting her get even more involved with it and book her a Gin Distilling Masterclass? Taking place at the City of London Distillery she’ll get a guided tour and a lesson in how to make the good stuff.

And then it gets a bit more hands on, where she can create her own recipe and personalise a bottle. I like that it says “under guidance”, as you’d hate to mess up at this stage! Then you get to enjoy a gin and tonic (you’ve worked for it after all) and then you get to take your bottles of gin home.

And hide them.

Or maybe that’s just me. Though not really very necessary now I only share the house with a 12 year old. Anyway, you could buy this just for Mum, or even send someone else with her. Sounds like a good way to while a couple of hours in London, and better than Yardley lavender bath cubes!



For those more Midlands based, then check out what happened when I went to gin school at 45 Gin School. Similar experience, brilliant night, and another option on location without having to go into London.