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Brownie heaven from the Gower Coast
Brownie heaven from the Gower Coast

You know what it’s like, you come home from a fairly rubbish day at the office, and there’s piles of post waiting for you. You know what’s waiting: bills, junk stuff about products you really don’t want, more bills.

How about sending something that will really turn any day around, and leave everyone with a great dessert to go at. I was thrilled to receive a box of brownies to try from Gower Cottage Brownies, and I have to say I can see why these have received all the plaudits they have received.

Forget the tubs of brownies you would get from the supermarket, these are on a level of their own. Melt in mouth, moist but not sticky, and chocolatey beyond all belief. The packaging they arrive in is simple but very lovely, so the treats begin as soon as you open the outer wrapper.

You could send these for any reason: new job, new baby, engagement, Christmas, it’s Wednesday. Treat a friend or treat yourself, I promise everyone will be happy. Including the fact that you are supporting a small, but tasty business from a beautiful part of South Wales. It feels good to spend money that supports a small business, especially one that is really good at what it does.

I thought it couldn’t get any better, but then I discovered that they also do a gluten free version, which is just fantastic. Those with gluten and wheat intolerances don’t always get the best deal on tasty cakes and sweet treats, but I would think these are absolutely worth giving a go. There are also varieties with hazelnuts or walnuts, so you really are spoilt for choice.

Go on, make the post something worth coming home to!


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