Seeing what Divertimenti have in store for Christmas


As you can imagine, Divertimenti is one of those shops that I can get lost in for hours. And one of those where I should really leave my credit card at home before crossing the threshold! Their Christmas gift guide is out, and here’s what I think is worth a look:


Beautiful carafe and glasses from Divertimenti


* I know that they’re not the best thing for drinking champagne from, but I adore the gold spiral champagne saucers. Bring a bit of old fashioned glamour to everyday life, even if you’re only drinking sparkling water!

* Talking of drinking water, they also have a beautiful carafe and glasses, which will mean even tap water will seem spectacular. Nice and space saving too, as the glasses stack into the neck of the carafe when you want to put them away.

* Enjoy good loose leaf tea without much mess with this glass mug with lid. Pop your tea in the filter and keep the lid on to keep it warm whilst it brews. They also do a very good loose leaf tea, so perhaps put the two things together.

* I want a waffle griddle, please Santa! In my experience these stove top ones are by far the best thing for producing fabulous waffles, and I think there can be no better breakfast come Christmas morning!

Flower trivets - great gift for a food lover who keeps juggling pans * Brighten up someone’s kitchen with practical yet gorgeous floral trivets, for everything from teapots to cooking pots.

* For something a bit vintage looking, attractive yet practical then I love the Camembert plates. They come in a really attractive storage box, and have my favourite label: dishwasher safe!

And this is just from the Christmas selection! The regular selection has some great foodstuffs, like Carved Angel Condiments and some great Smoked Paprika. Buy this for the tin alone! Great stocking filler though. Lots of things to browse through and add to your wishlist, or shopping list.


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