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Bake Off Creme de la Creme


I blame Tom Kerridge.

Well, I blame Creme de la Creme really, as a recipe in their book for blueberry macarons asks for a blueberry liqueur as an ingredient.

Now, I have many flavours of things, but not a blueberry liqueur. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in my travels.

Thank heavens for the wonder of the web, as it revealed a whole selection of them, including some relatively local ones.


The Blueberry Co Blueberry Liqueur


From Suffolk, it’s probably no surprise that a company called The Blueberry Co might be a good bet as a source for a liqueur. Lovely, simple design, sure this would do the trick. And you could stock up on blueberry jam at the same time.


RubyBlue Blueberry Liqueur


Hopping over the water, then RubyBlue Wild Blueberry Liqueur is made in small batches in Co Antrim. They say it makes a great Blueberry Bellini, which I would certainly be happy to give a go.

Happy to give either of these either cupboard space, or as a gift. Although I think I can leave Corkys Blueberry Glitter Liqueur where it is!


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