Rugby in Rugby with some good food and drink


So the Rugby World Cup is upon us. Which will be interesting as I’ll be in Rugby for the opening weekend, and quite a few thereafter. I never expected to spend time in Rugby, but then I didn’t used to know MFL. Thanks to him, I now know where the Webb Ellis museum is, and also the best places for something to eat and drink in Rugby.


The Merchant's Inn in Rugby, my choice for best place to watch the rugby. Fantastic range of beers, ciders and perry, great food menu too.


If I was going to go out and watch the rugby, then it would have to be at The Merchants Inn. MFL and I can quite often be found in here, popping in for a swift half. Although the decision making is rarely swift, as they keep an impressive cellar of real ales, cider and perry. Their cider festival was particularly hard work. Their Eggs Benedict are pretty darn good too.


Summersault for everything from a cup of tea and cake to hearty vegetarian fare


A place I’m fascinated by, and that always seems busy, is Summersault. Their windows are so tempting with so many gorgeous things, and then there’s the food. If you’re a vegetarian rugby fan, or just a good food fan, then this is the place for you to try. From a quick bite to tea and cake, this is a great place to try. The building has some very interesting history, linking back to one Jesse Boot of Nottingham. What a pity the current Boots store isn’t this interesting.


La Casa Loco. Be careful of the stairs after a jug of frozen margaritas. Great range of gluten free options on the food front.


For a lively night, then I would choose La Casa Loco. Good range of Mexican dishes, great at offering gluten free options (and making them tasty) and can highly recommend the jug of frozen margarita. It’s a perfect size for two. Or maybe that’s just us.


Cafe Vin Cinq is my favourite place in Rugby to eat. And for cocktails. Fantastic French 75.


But my favourite dining place in Rugby is still Café Vin Cinq. It’s the first place we had a date night, MFL organised everything and it was a surprise. A brilliant one. The best thing you can say about Café Vin Cinq is you forget you’re in Rugby. Great cocktails, good wine list, good food, great atmosphere. It’s also home to Bar 25, and if you can work your way up the winding stairs, best place for post dinner cocktails.

To be fair, it’s about the only place.

So, looking forward to some interesting times ahead in Rugby, although sadly I will be missing the Rugby Food & Drink Festival. Due to bad planning, and a clash with MFL running in the Nottingham Half Marathon, then we’re not there that weekend. But if you are, let me know if you find anywhere else I should check out.


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