Reflections on the Good Food Show


I’ve done quite a lot of food shows, as I’ve recorded on here over the years. Up until now though I’ve never done any of the Good Food Shows, although not entirely sure why. Possibly because I’ve spent weeks of my life at the NEC, both sides of the counter in effect, so maybe in no rush to go back.

But the fact that there was going to be one in Harrogate made me think I might do it. That and Kate from Gower Cottage Brownies was going to be there, and we haven’t seen each other for several years (as we laughed, not since the last Real Food Festival, back in the days when it was Olympia).

So, on reflection, and with feet recovered, these were the good things:

1. Catching up, briefly, with Kate and Rob.

2. Thanks to Kate, meeting John Whaite and a quick discussion on the challenges of gluten free baking

3. Watching Mary Berry


Mary Berry doing what she does best


4. A Fat Rascal and a Yorkshire Curd Tart from Betty’s.


Queue time at Bettys, but worth it for a Fat Rascal


Oh yes, I escaped from the show, which with it being in Harrogate town centre is at least an option. Thank god, because it was absolute hell. In spite of working in retail, many of you will know that I am not mad keen on shopping. And the Good Food Show was like my worst kind of retail: the supermarket on Christmas Eve. There came several points where was I really going nowhere fast.


Hell. Going nowhere fast at the Good Food Show


It probably explains why I came back with very few goodies (though I am probably the exception). When it’s that busy, I go off the whole idea of shopping. I did see some new to me things that I liked the look of, I particularly like the sauces from the Great British Sauce Co. We discussed that they would be better trialled on a bacon sarnie than on the crisps on offer, but not entirely practical.

And there was gin everywhere, from everywhere,  from the very closest with Masons Yorkshire Gin through to the furthest being from New Zealand. Not sure if it was worth the gin miles when there’s so much good stuff being made close to home.

But gin is not enough to tempt me back. Until they instigate a one way system and proper crowd control then wild horses could not drag me back. Not even for Mary Berry. Trapped with a whole load of strangers going nowhere fast is not my idea of fun, food or no food. I appreciate there will have been a whole heap of people worked very hard on this, but it seems there are a few basics that need some work. Be interested to know how successful it was for the exhibitors.


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