Real Bread Week Ahead


Real Bread Week


A little ironic coming almost straight after Coeliac Awareness Week, but we’re now in Real Bread Week. Though to be fair, good gluten free bread can definitely be both real and good.

In its 7th year now, this year’s focus is on how to help children discover the delights real bread, and particularly baking it themselves. They’re keen to get schools involved, and I really hope that they will, though I appreciate that not every school is now able to offer cooking. But at least dough could be taken home quite easily and then baked.

There’s some great resources on the site, including a good list of baking schools offering appropriate classes. If you become a supporter of the Real Bread Campaign (which is an interesting idea of a gift for a food lover) then you can get a discount on a lot of these classes too.

You can even wear your affiliation on your chest, with one of these limited edition tshirts:


On the Rise Real Bread Week T Shirts


This is the week to get out and support your local independent bakery, or perhaps an independent miller and make your own. Or both. Whichever, enjoy your bread any way you like, as long as it’s real! If you need some recipe inspiration, then I’ve written about great bread books here.


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