The hamper I’d be very happy to receive for Valentine’s Day


I think I’ve made my feelings on the whole Valentine’s Day thing clear before, but if I had a choice of one Valentine’s gift, then it would be this one:


Modern Pantry Hamper for Valentine's Day

This is the Valentine’s Breakfast in Bed Hamper from The Modern Pantry, and I love it. I mean, I love The Modern Pantry full stop, it would be up there in my top 3 favourite restaurants in London. And I love their design aesthetic. And I love their flavours.

So it’s probably no surprise I love this, and the breakfast it would produce (and breakfast in bed also one of my favourite things). Glass of pink fizz, possibly with a drop or two of rose mojito syrup. Tick, that’s got to start the day off well. Granola first, and then toast with the kumquat marmalade.

And then a strong coffee to get over the fizz.

Perfect start to a lazy weekend day. And not a lazy cliché in sight, just nice twists on tradition. Which is what I exactly would expect from The Modern Pantry. Perfect.

Now, the only question is who to share it with? Or possibly whether or not to share it at all!


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