Peas in my guacamole?


Heavens! You know it must be an incredibly serious issue when Obama weighs in:


Guacamole - as ordered by the President


Who knew that adding peas to your guacamole would be such a big deal? And honestly, I can’t say I wouldn’t give it a go. I love guacamole but a bit like (another heresy coming up) adding stuff to the basic hummus recipe, I say why not?

It’s not as though it often gets served without other flavours.I mean, once it’s loaded with a load of sour cream and salsa, who’s going to spot the peas? Or even the avocado, with some salsas I’ve tried.

A quick look on Pinterest (source of all recipe quirkiness) showed recipes that included tinned pineapple, an Italian guacamole with basil and even a broccomole. For now, I’ll stick to my favourite version which comes from Mexican Food Made Simple.


making guacamole


To be honest, this week’s was very simple, in that I left out the red onion and had very little coriander, but still darned tasty in my book. But next time…well, I may just give those peas a go. Sorry, Mr President, #peaswin.


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