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I’ve kind of lost track of how long I’ve had my oven gloves but from looking at them I think it’s possibly time for a new pair. Lets face it, if you’re going to be cooking you really could do with decent gloves to hand. A bit like tea towels, I think these are the things that you know as a cook you need but possibly don’t spend money on. Which is why they make a great gift for a keen cook. Here’s a few that I think are looking good.

For a traditional, country based cook who likes cakes, then how about this double glove from Aga, with its pretty cupcake applique.

For something quite contemporary looking, then I really like the Isabella ovenglove from Not on the High Street. Practical and a strong design, good colourways in either red or blue, this would work in everything from a very sleek modern kitchen to a clean lined country version.

Is there a kitscher way to throw down the gauntlet than with the Briar Rose one from Cath Kidston? Will suit the country loving cook, or at least one who thinks they might!

For a high tech cook, then perhaps they’d like the Silicone Oven Glove from Lakeland. There are only 3 reviews on the site, two of which are really positive, and one not very. It is designed to be very heat resistant, and is more masculine looking than some.

If you’re going to tattoo your knuckles, then go the foodie route and have Love and Cake on them. Otherwise take the temporary route with this double sided single mitt. Why should cake time exclude bling time? Perfect for the glamorous cook.

For classic looks, and for doing good at the same time, then I like these butchers’ stripe mitts from Fifteen. All profits from the sales of Fifteen products go the Jamie Oliver Foundation to fund the Fifteen Apprenticeship Programme. Good sturdy construction, and a design that won’t date.

Every keen cook needs a good oven glove, but there is no reason for them to be dull! In my view, great standby gift for all kinds of food lovers.


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