On feeding men and boys


On Feeding Men & Boys


If you’ve read my post about missing a train and meeting MFL, then you may know I’ve been getting used to cooking for two teenage boys as well as MFL, with some hits and a few misses. So, the title of this book, Mad Hungry: Feeding Men & Boys,  made me laugh, and although I bought it for MFL, I’ve enjoyed some of its insight and cooking from it produced some goods hits, and some new learnings.

The book covers every meal, although I haven’t done any of the breakfasts so far. I tried the empanadas, figuring that pastry and versions of pie always seem to go down well. To be fair, this was a joint effort, as ran out of time one weekend, so I made the filling and MFL made the pastry and did the assembly and baking.


Getting empanadas underway


I never got to taste them, but two out of three of the males involved gave them the thumbs up. The third didn’t like the raisins in them. I might try them again, and we could leave those out.


Empanadas ready for eating


Have to say dinner choices were delicious, although portions felt a little on the tight side in the face of three male appetites. Maybe chicken thighs are bigger in the US, and as it only gave a number of thighs then maybe that’s why it didn’t feel quite right. Thankfully I’d doubled up the recipe thinking we could freeze half, but ended up cooking some extra, thankfully.

Other than that, chicken with honey and wholegrain mustard was a winner, particularly alongside the sweet potato wedges.


Chicken with mustard and honey


I made some oat and chocolate chip cookies, which would sound like the perfect standby thing for post school or work. Sadly these didn’t quite work out I think they were supposed to, but I think that’s probably because I had to substitute some of the sugars, so I’ll give these another go.

Overall, I think this is a great book, I think it was one of the James Beard Foundation’s books of last year, and I can see why. They’re not groundbreaking recipes but I think they are great family eating, particularly if there are bigger appetites at play.

Now I’ve ditched a few other books, then this one can definitely stay.

Currently £13.99 in paperback at Waterstones, although I bought a copy through a seller on Amazon for less than a fiver, which is as good as new looking hardback copy.


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