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I was really interested in an article that got tweeted earlier about the fish cooking masterclasses that RockFish Grill in Bristol are running, to give people more confidence in choosing and cooking fish and seafood. You can pop in for the free weekly masterclass on a Wednesday at 11am, if you happen to be near Whiteladies Road, and I would think it was very worthwhile doing so. Lets face it, it could be 15 minutes that ramps up your cooking repertoire, and I am sure you will end up coming home with a bit of fish you’ve been inspired to cook!

If you really want to start digging into the subject, then RockFish do a full day cookery class on a Monday, which is £175 for the day.Given that includes lunch and a glass of wine, I think that’s a great deal, and would make a great gift for any foodie. If you’re down in Devon, then you can join owner Mitch Tonks to have a day of learning to cook fish in his kitchen in Brixham, same deal, just even fresher fish! (UPDATE, sadly these masterclasses seem to have stopped now)

Red Letter Days offer three fishy gift experience, from sushi making through to a fish and seafood masterclass, and Last Minute have a day with Keith Burke learning the tricks of the trade.  And of course, you could always learn at Rick Stein’s school, he’s pretty hot on fish apparently!

If you have a local fishmonger, then please go out and support them, and also ask their advice. Ask them what fish is good, how to cook it, how they can prepare it for you. We are in the Midlands, not renowned for its proximity to the sea, so a bit short on fishmongers around here. If you want to buy online, then you can buy from the Cornish Fishmonger, Wings of St Mawes, who have been in the business for over 25 years.

I know people who have ordered from The Fish Society and been really pleased with it, and as a gift the selections seem really well thought through and interesting. I have to say, I thought they were quite expensive though. Seafood Direct may not be quite so sophisticated but the fish seemed better value. If I wanted to send some interesting fish though, I would check out Forman & Field.

Right now though, I would fancy fishing for my own somewhere warm! My best fishing day was with King David tours in Tobago, catching bonitos and taking them back to Cuffie River where they got served up for all the residents for dinner. What I wouldn’t give to be there right now! Virgin, book me a space!

Fabulous fishing photo by papalars on Flickr.


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