Not just my food cupboards that are full!


You might remember I’m working through a back of cupboard challenge? Well, it wasn’t the only area that needed a good sort out!


Oh dear. Having sorted food cupboards time to tackle the bathroom!


My day job with No 7 working on cosmetics means an awful lot of product testing, but it was rather out of control. I mean, how many mascaras?


How many mascaras does a girl need?


Or lipsticks?


Like champagne, I am not convinced there can be too much lipstick


But at least I’m well sorted for minis for hand luggage only flights!


Sorted for flying: minis galore

To be honest, I should know better than anyone that cosmetics, like food, have a finite shelf date. That little symbol with the words PAO is the clue. To be honest for most things, I’d stretch that period after opening on the basis of does it look or smell right, and if not, ditch it. The one exception really is mascara, which really does need to go after 3 months.

So, the top now looks somewhat different:


It is actually a bathroom!


And the cupboard below is now well organised, but I’m going to get tough on myself, and if I don’t touch stuff in the cupboard in the next 3 months, then I’m chucking it. I did the same with clothes last year, if I didn’t wear it by the end of August then I took it to the charity shop.

I think life is better when it’s simple. And I’m liking the simple bathroom!


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