My top 10 gifts for food lovers who love to entertain


Gifts for Food Lovers Who Love to Entertain


Not every food lover lives their lives in restaurants, for many it’s about creating and sharing great food, about gathering friends and family round the table to break bread together. So here’s my top 10 for great gifts to really make their entertaining even more special.


Tapered glass jug for your cocktails or water


A beautiful jug for cocktails, or water

I love beautiful glass, and one as lovely this, containing something like an autumn sangria, makes this perfect for the Christmas table, or any other time of the year.


Lulu Champagne or Cocktail Glasses. Or even a Champagne cocktail!


Cocktail or champagne glasses

No point having wonderful cocktails or glorious fizz and then having only rubbish glasses to serve it in. I really like these Lulu glasses from LSA, which would do for cocktails or fizz.


Beautiful platter from Sophie Conran for Portmeirion

Multi purpose Platter

They probably love catering for big numbers, so platters are always a good bet, for dishing up everything from the turkey to huge summer salads. I like the simplicity of this one from Sophie Conran for Portmeirion.


Fika Cake Stands for fabulous displays


Cake stands for spectacular cakes and desserts

A cake stand can display many different kinds of dishes, not just a cake. I quite often build a centre piece on mine, or use it for cheese. You can never have too many in my book, and I love these colourful Fika cake stands, in the variety of jewel tones and sizes.


Napkins for sticky fingers


Napkins for sticky fingers

I’m not big on formal dining, the table definitely doesn’t look like a scene from Downton Abbey. But I think good napkins are both practical and decorative. I love these for being festive for now but also think they’d look great on the outdoor table at BBQ time too.


Pure linen tablecloths in every colour of the rainbow


Dressing the table in style

I also don’t have lots of tablecloths, but who could resist these gorgeous linen ones, especially when they come in such a rainbow of colours. Whatever their colour scheme, there’s one here that’s perfect for them.


Trifle Bowl just ready for a fantastic Christmas trifle


Time for a nostalgic dessert

I love trifle. And nothing fancy, just old school jam swiss roll, jelly, custard, cream and hundreds and thousands. What it really needs is a fabulous trifle bowl to put it in. Of course they could use it for fruit salad, but really? It’s Christmas.


Wood and slate platter


Serving cheese with style

It’ll be time to think about getting the stilton and Peter’s Yard crispbreads in. So it’s a great time to gift a food lover a great platter that will work really well for cheese. I love this wood and slate one, as I still really love slate for cheese.


Nick Munro Sphere Salt & Pepper Grinder


Season at the table with style

I know I was very rude about the average pepper grinder that appears at this time of year, but for the food lover who loves to entertain then a stunningly beautiful salt and pepper grinder is a different matter. I think this Nick Munro design is beautiful in its simplicity, and definitely worth giving table space to.


Wood and porcelain coffee pot


Coffee time

You’re coming to the end of the meal, time to serve some good coffee. And who wouldn’t love to bring the coffee to the table in something like this? I love the blend of wood and porcelain, it feels contemporary but familiar too. Beautiful design from Tonfisk. (UPDATE: sadly no longer available)



Beautiful decanter for port or any other tipple


Pass the port please

I wrote recently about having a bit of a new found love for decanters, and when you add in the Christmas tradition of port and Stilton then a gift of more beautiful glass in the shape of a fabulous decanter has to be a great thing to do. Of course, adding in a fab bottle of port too will make you even more popular.


Just remember that gifts you give to those who love to entertain might well produce extra benefits in that you might get invites back to the table well into the new year!


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