My latest gin


I don’t know what my friends think of me, but put it this way, for both my birthday and now for Christmas, I’ve received gin.

It’s like they know me.


Cocoa Gin from Hotel Chocolat - great gift for a food lover who loves their gin


For Christmas Evenstar sent me the Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Gin, and it has me intrigued (not that intrigued that I’ve managed to open it yet) as to what to do with it. Other than the obvious. I’m sure it will make a great gin and tonic, but got to be the starting point.

But surely with notes of macadamia nut and the all important cocoa, it’s got to make some amazing cocktails too. Anyone tried it and got any suggestions? I’m thinking it’s an interesting twist to an espresso martini but not sure what else.


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