My five favourite tea towels for the festive washing up ahead


Are you ready for the mammoth dish drying this Christmas?


It’s Christmas, there’s going to be some great cooking and eating going on.

And there’s going to be mountains of washing up.

So, get organised, get a rota going, get plenty of washing up liquid and rubber gloves in, and then some really fab tea towels to slightly brighten up the task. These are my favourites:


Dry Hard with a Vengeance this Christmas


I write about To Dry For a lot, as they are brilliant and single minded about great tea towels. And you might not think Die Hard is a festive movie, but I’m pretty sure they were set at Christmas. Made me smile anyway.


One Prosecco, two prosecco, three prosecco, floor


I think this one is for quite a few people I know. And also possible sums up my drinking ability. Or lack of.


Go bold and bright with these tea towels from Joules


Add some brightness to the kitchen with this twin pack of towels from Joules. No one can claim not to be able to find the tea towel when they are this bright and this gorgeous.


Cooking is therapy tea towel


What can I say? Definitely I find cooking therapeutic and relaxing, although the drying up possibly less so! But I think this tea towel could be a good reminder of how cooking is supposed to be.


All I want for Christmas is gin


Anyone who knows me reading this will say straight away this is the tea towel for me. I couldn’t possibly comment. Should gin not be their particular vice, then this can be personalised as you see fit.


So, I can’t say these will make the task any easier, but will make it slightly more entertaining. My best advice is put the Christmas tunes on loud, and have a glass of something delicious to hand. Every three dishes dried means you get at least a sip!


Photo by Matthias Ripp on Flickr



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