My favourite foodie gift


From tree to can with Nudo - great gift for a food lover


Adopting an olive tree with Nudo has to be my favourite foodie gift that I’ve ever given. In fact it’s not just a gift, it’s a series of gifts!

You get the excitement of opening it, finding out what it is and getting to taste some of the extra virgin olive oil then and there (note to self, next time send some great bread too). Then there is the Spring package to look forward to of another 2 litres of the new season’s extra virgin oil to enjoy again.

If you needed some variety, or just some unusual but useful ingredients, then I would also try the lemon and the chilli oils. Perfect for both cooking and drizzling, they also look great in the kitchen too. Ticks the boxes for the stylish foodie: great design and even greater taste!


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Helen Tarver

Collector of great gifts and fabulous food, mum, cake baker & eater, wine opener. I write about food and the gift of it in its many forms.

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