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Diner Hamper from Westin Gourmet for dinners aplenty


The team from Westin Gourmet sent me some great meat to try recently. I was given free choice of the site, so we ended up with a Diner Hamper, some high welfare veal escalopes and some chicken sausages, and we’re having some great meals working our way through it all.

Have to say, delivery was straightforward, as these boxes are well packed, with plenty of ice packs, so the meat was still really cool when I got home about two hours after it was delivered. The meat is fresh, so some has gone straight into my freezer for another day.


Battle of the proper burgers: Westin Gourmet Wagyu Steak Burgers v Gourmet Burger Kitchen


We had a bit of a Friday night burger off (partly because we’re an awkward number being 5 of us), so we had the 4 Wagyu steak beef burgers versus Gourmet Burger Kitchen burgers from Ocado. Have to say, the kids demolished these, with no respect to the wagyu but there were clean plates all round. The texture is much denser than the GBK one, and very meaty. My personal preference was for the GBK one, but wouldn’t turn down either one.

We converted the braising steak into a slow cooked casserole cooked in beer, and the meat was delicious and tender. The only thing I didn’t like was that the listing says 5 x 100g braising steaks, but it came as one piece. I’ve no problem with slicing it but sure some will.


High welfare British veal escalopes


The bacon is ready to be bacon sandwiches, and we’ve still got steaks, wings, drumsticks and pork belly to work through. This box was just under £30, and there are plenty of meals in here. I really loved the veal escalopes we had too, which I just breaded with panko breadcrumbs and served with cos lettuce and lemon. I love high welfare veal, good example of the industry moving on.

The only thing we didn’t love was the chicken breast sausages, but that’s possibly just personal taste. I’d probably do them in a casserole type dish next time as they are incredibly meaty on their own.

So, whilst this was a box sent by the company, I’d happily purchase from Westin Gourmet in the future. There’s loads of variety, and a huge part of their range is sourced from within the UK, with excellent traceability. I’m looking forward to trying the steaks this weekend, and we’ll be looking ahead to Christmas meal planning to see what else we might need to order. They have regular special offers, and a particularly good new customer offer so definitely worth a look.

UPDATE: Westin Gourmet have since been bought out by Muscle Food, but the selections still seem to be very similar.


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