Measuring cups that earn their keep


When I wrote about the gifts I was really proud of from Boots this year, I had no idea that the most popular would be Rosie’s Measuring Cups. So popular that by now they are about as rare as hen’s teeth. Now, if someone has their heart set on them, then I would ring Boots Customer Care and see if they can find a local store that still has some stock. Otherwise, try these as an alternative:


Stacking Russian Doll Measuring Cups - great gift for food lovers who like things on the cute side


Go for the cute factor with these stacking Russian doll measuring cups. Space saving, and practical, but not boring for sure.


Measuring spoons - great gift for a food lover who likes it colourful


Not strictly measuring cups, but useful as an add on, these measuring spoons go for full on colour, and accuracy of measurement from a quarter of a teaspoon up to a full tablespoon.


Pretty measuring cups - great gifts for a food lover who likes it pretty

If it was the pretty colours of Rosie’s cups that were appealing, then these measuring jugs from John Lewis might fit the bill.

I’ve never had a posh set of measuring cups, but I’ve had the same set of stainless steel ones for about 20  years, and they are still going strong. Function over style maybe, but darn useful!


Tala Cooks Dry Measure Cup


For the retro look, then the Tala Cook’s Dry Measure Cup might be useful too. I like one of these for if we are renting somewhere, which we often do for our holidays, and can’t guarantee a set of scales.


Mason Cash Measuring Cups


Also keeping with the retro feel, then these Mason Cash cups would do the trick as well. With quarter, half and full cup, these are very practical and quite lovely. Look great hanging up in a country style kitchen.

Magnetic Measuring Cups - perfect gift for a food lover who is always losing things

The only issue I have with my cups is I’m always losing one. So these magnetic measuring cups would be incredibly useful. As long as everyone is trained to put them back together in one set in the drawer!

Maybe these will be a good substitute, maybe not. Just goes to show that even on the high street, you have to sometimes buy stuff when you see it, as there’s no guarantee it’ll still be there when you need it.  I never even got close to this year’s Heston pudding! I mean, anyone would think that Christmas is coming.


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