Making ebelskiver pancakes for a change


I tweeted on Sunday that I was making ebelskivers for a change, and someone wanted to know what they are. Danish in origin, these are little spherical pancakes filled with whatever goodies you like.

I first wrote about them in December 2009, when it was next to impossible to find a pan here, as you do need a special pan to get the right shape. Then Lakeland bought the pans in, so I bought one, and experimented with them. You can add all sorts of fillings to them, like a normal pancake, they just have a cute shape. I think of them as almost like a doughnut without the sugar.


Batter in the ebelskiver pan


You drop the batter into the greased sections of the pans (obviously pre-heating the pan first), to about three quarters the way full. Just a normal pancake mix, I use 1 cup milk, 1 egg, and a cup of flour, usually for us a mix of buckwheat and plain, plus a bit of baking powder.


Ebelskivers with fillings, waiting to be turned


When the little pans began to bubble, then add your filling. Jam is good, chocolate spread and peanut butter sublime. You could do cheese, smoked salmon and creme fraiche…whatever you normally add to your pancakes. Then you flip them over one by one. I use a chopstick, and sort of push down one side and flip it over, quickly. There’ll be a bit of a sizzle, and then they reseal themselves.


Not quite spherical...ebelskiver pancakes flipped and cooking for a few seconds more


Sadly, Lakeland don’t seem to offer the pans any more, but I have found them on Amazon. There’s even a recipe book, should you think you need any inspiration but I would suggest just experimenting. Stilton and pear anyone? Think of them as an upmarket Crispy Pancake!


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