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Valentines Day at Fortnum & Mason - great ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for food lovers

So having written about the oncoming Valentine’s onslaught, thought it was only fair to write about some of the good stuff. Fortnum & Mason were the first people to email about Valentine’s Day, and some of these are a little different, or completely indulgent, but not quite second mortgage level!

Fortnum’s are rightly famous for their hampers, and the Valentine’s Evening Hamper is a sweet little thing (though I could have done without the hamper being red). So, you can start the evening with a candle lit bath scented by the bath truffles (I’m guessing they’re not for eating) and then indulge in a glass of rosé champagne and some chocolates. Or all four things at the same time. This little hamper is £65, or you can go all out with the Valentines Hamper at £120.

Looking for sweet stuff that’s not too sickly/naff? Champagne Gummies are the sophisticated version of Gummi Bears, although are actually alcohol free, so you get all the flavour with none of the headaches. Or the Prince Charming Chocolate Frogs, which the website does suggest you could give to your own Prince Charming. I was thinking more along the lines if you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs, then may as well be chocolate ones, so maybe for friends without Valentines!

And finally, there’s never an occasion when some sort of fizz isn’t acceptable, and I love this Bellini box, being rather partial to the odd Bellini myself. It’s a no fuss cocktail to put together, and there isn’t a trace of red or pink on this gift. Classy, tasty, and likely to get proceedings off to a good start. Sounds like the making of a great gift to me!


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