Love in the morning (when it’s mainly about the tea)


early morning tea - a gift for any food lover in my book

Many of you will know that I’m very often an early riser, or at least early waker, and it’s always all about that first cup of tea of the day.

Now I’m very much a Yorkshire Tea kind of girl, but if I was choosing a loose leaf equivalent then it would be Bellevue Tea’s Belter. And if you need an infuser for this kind of thing, at this time of year, then this is probably the tea infuser to get for your loved one.

Heart Tea Infuser - great gift for a food lover who really likes their tea

Available from Harts of Stur (no pun intended), best delivered first thing already in use straight to your loved one. Could always buy a new mug too, go full on twee with the Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts mug.


Pink Hearts Mug from Emma Bridgewater


Proper mug, as it contains a full half pint of tea. Perfect start to any day.

Photo by Allen Adnan on Flickr.


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