Look younger from a bottle of fruit juice? Hmm


Ok, declaring/reminding of an interest in this subject, as I spend my days working for Boots on No 7, and we’re pretty darn good at skincare. So I’m always interested when my two worlds collide, which they did with trying the juices from Beauty & Go in Selfridges last week.


Beauty & Go juices - drink for the taste, not the claims


Now, from a food front, these are beautifully packaged and eye catching, and the juices were very tasty. I had the anti-ageing one, which is pomegranate and raspberry predominantly, although apparently it’s pomegranate peel. Couldn’t tell myself. Lovely juice, very refreshing, I’d enjoy drinking it any time.


Pretty. But not necessarily more than that.


But then there’s the claims. Apparently it will improve my skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Yes, there is clinical data, although only on 30 volunteers. And they ranged from 23 to 51, so some of that skin didn’t need much help on the ageing front! And after 56 days (56, count them!) then there are significant improvements to the skin.

But this was based on drinking these twice a day for the 56 days. At £2.99 a go, that’s £334.88.

Honestly, I’m sticking to my Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum! One tube of that will last me the same time, and cost me under £25, so a small fortune left for buying lots of great fruit and veg to feed my whole body well. If you’ve got the money, go for it. Otherwise, they’re a nice juice for a refreshing drink, but I can’t see many of us going for the 56 day trial.

UPDATE: this no longer seems to be in Selfridges, and their website is not running at present.


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