Land of the flat white


MGG and I have been in Australia for nearly two weeks now, and loving every moment, even the few rainy ones. Of course I always expected to come out here to great food and drink, and given the amount we’ve packed in so far, caffeine has been required.

So, when in Rome and all that, switched my normal coffee to the ubiquitous, local flat white. With varying degrees of success! First up:


First but not last - a McDonalds Flat White


No surprises that this wasn’t great, but we were straight off the overnight flight from Hong Kong, it was warm & caffeinated and they have free wifi. First and last from them!


Three quarters latte, Manly style


A few hours later, and a coffee shop in Manly served up much better, though this is apparently a three quarters latte. Didn’t care, almost downed it in one, was beginning to flag!


The Box serves up a great Flat White. The wine list was pretty darned good too.


This was a scenic one, at The Box in Ettalong on the Central Coast at the end of a great lunch. Loved this place, hoping to go back.

But for most iconic, got to be this one:


Iconic flat white. When in Sydney, coffee at the Opera House


Opera Terrace at Sydney Opera House, in case you couldn’t guess. Thanks to my assistant/hand model for the visual clue! Perfect location for a first timer to Sydney, great coffee too.


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