Hurray! Kikki K comes to the UK


Kikki K stores hit the UK


MGG and I were very excited to discover Kikki K has come to the UK, as it was one of our favourite discoveries on our trip to Australia. It was also quite an expensive discovery as it is exactly my kind of shop.

Now, it’s not just about fabulous stationery, although they do that amazingly well. But they have some lovely stuff for the home as well. I’d love any of these in my home, and think they could make amazing gifts.


Every Day is a Fresh Start with a cup from Kikki K


I love a good cuppa, and I like this cup and saucer a lot, mainly because it’s quite a decent size. I love the colour way and the upbeat quote is a good way to start the day too.


Svenska Hem Gift Pack from Kikki K


If you want to go large, then this gift pack complete with gorgeous little teapot is also beautiful. I think the styling is lovely, really in line with their Swedish design aesthetic. I’d be thrilled to receive this, can’t imagine many people who would object to it.


Cute lunch box from Kikki K


If you’re doing the homemade lunch thing for January, then feel even better about it by having a lovely new lunchbox. Cute by name, cute by appearance.


Recipe organiser from Kikki K


Being good at stationery, then they have some lovely recipe organisers. Some of us do still like the old school of writing out recipes, or pasting cuttings in from magazines. If you want to do the retro thing, then something stylish like this to put them in has to be a great thing.


Meal planner from Kikki K

Maybe they’re the efficient type, or want to be. In which case this lovely meal planner might be a great gift. We are trying to do this so maybe this would be a good starting point.

So, if you’re in Covent Garden soon, drop by the store, as they are beautiful stores. And if not, the online store could prove to be very tempting too. Hoping they do start expanding around the UK. Although my bank manager might feel differently.


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