Hurray for National Baking Week!


What Sunday afternoons are made for


The joy never ends! Coming straight on the back of British Chocolate Week we have National Baking Week. And if you’ve been reading the blog a while, you’ll know I love baking!

I wrote about baking earlier in the summer, the places you need to get to know if you’ve got a baking foodie to buy for. And even if you haven’t, then perhaps this week is a great week to get them into trying it. Maybe they are big on the savoury stuff, so they could try and expand out into baking.

And there is so much variety, it’s not all about cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Think bread, pastry, tarts…endless possibilities! I’ll be doing more over the course of the week, once I’ve got a blind wine tasting out the way. More to follow on that, and the baking front.


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