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If you’re going to eat meat, make it good meat

February 21st, 2014 · 1 Comment · Foodie gifts, Places to shop online

As might be obvious, we eat all kinds of things in this house. This week has been a very fishy week, last week flipped between lentils and lots of meat. And some comfort food of the pasta kind.

There’s one thing that would be rare to find, and that’s cheap meat. I would rather not eat meat than eat meat I wasn’t sure about. I would cut meat out first.


Protein Power


I am lucky in that there are good sources around here that I try to head to on a regular basis and stock up the freezer. If you’re in the area, then Harkers and Gonalston are great (easier to spend less at Harkers!) but if you want great meat delivered to the door, then the Well Hung Meat Company are a business I would do business with again.

They have some clever collections at the moment, geared up for those looking for healthy living, or busy getting fit. There’s even a box for those on the Paleo diet, if you must. But if you’re not then no problem, it’s a great box if you want some great meat in the freezer. The Super Size Cross Fit box might be better if you’re a bigger family (or if you’re a very fit solo household needing to power up their protein).

This is an independent business, and whilst it might not be local to you, it’s a business that I would definitely recommend supporting. Also as most of the farms are in the South West, and definitely won’t have been having the easiest time of it recently, then it’s doubly important to support them at the moment if you can.


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