How to get a cocktail through a letterbox


I can think of so many people that this is the perfect gift for. delivers a bar in a box to your door, and they could do it every month if you liked.


Monthly Tasting Box of Cocktails from


Now, that’s one piece of post you wouldn’t mind receiving every month! A monthly subscription is £24 per month, and the contents change each month (though if you need to know these things there are always 8 units of alcohol in the box, plus mixers and recipes). There’s an offer on a first box at just £14.

If you just wanted to send this as a one off gift, then there are all kinds of options, like vodka or gin cocktails, or even a gin and tonic box (did I mention I like my gin?) There are birthday boxes and thank you boxes, and even boxes for chocoholics.


Gin and Tonic Box from


And given that this is October, and therefore Breast Cancer Awareness month, then order the Pink Box and they will donate £2 to Cancer Research UK if you order in October.


Pink Box from supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month


These are a bit of a fun, you could of course put them together to yourself but for a gift in a hurry or to send to a far flung friend, then these could be brilliant gifts. Cocktail recipes included, just in case the recipe for your favourite cocktail is not ingrained in your brain!


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