Homemade dumplings on the menu


I was already planning to have a go at making gyoza at home, having bought some gyoza wrappers at the Asian supermarket. And that was before I met Ross Patten at the Spring Fair and saw him demonstrate the Dumpling Cube. Now I’m sold.


Dumpling Cube


I’d seen the Rice Cube, thought it was a really interesting idea, but not being big on sushi it hadn’t really connected with me. But dumplings? Now we’re talking! I loved this, it’s simple, it’s fun, it would be great to do with kids, and it’s dead quick. It’s also neat, and wouldn’t take up a whole lot of room, which is always a bit of a concern with specialist bits of kit.

If you like Asian food, then this might be a useful bit of kit to have around, to speed up something which can otherwise take some practice and skill.


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