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Noodle Kids


I got a great new book to review recently, called Noodle Kids, which has just been published. This is a great book for families who like to cook and eat together, or just looking for new recipes that kids might love, without them being all cutesy.

This is noodles in the broadest sense, not just the bowls full of the Chinese or Japanese style variety. So there’s stuffed noodles, covering everything from potstickers to ravioli, or saucy ones covering spaghetti to ramen.

I like that there are lots of ideas for getting social with food, how to really encourage kids to get stuck into making food, cooking food and enjoying eating food together. None of it is too complex, though some of it is going to be messy, but that’s got to be half the fun of it. Kids will love it, and cleaning up is an important part of learning to cook as well.

Cooking together, cleaning up together, eating together. Any book that gets us doing all of this together gets my vote. Published by Quarry Books, this is currently £15.99 at Waterstones.


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