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When I was writing about the St George’s Day Hamper, it reminded me that it’s also a significant day in that it’s apparently the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, and later his death. I seemed to spend quite a few weekends in Stratford on Avon last year, which may or may not have anything to do with David Tennant being in residence at the RSC for a while.


Stratford on Avon - one of my favourite places for eating, drinking and hanging out with David Tennant


I went to the theatre on each visit, but this isn’t about the amazing productions, or David Tennant. The added bonus to all the visits was some great eating, and was particularly impressed with the lunches at the Rooftop Restaurant at the RSC. The operation is very slick, with food appearing very quickly, but was consistently good, tasty and interesting.


RSC Lunch at the Rooftop Restaurant


RSC Pudding at the Rooftop Restaurant

It’s a seasonal menu, so it’s different now to when I was there. I think it was more gutsy winter tastes, so things like venison were on, which was delicious. To be honest, other than paying being a bit slow, I couldn’t fault either lunch that I had there, including really charming staff. I think it’s reasonable value for the level of cooking, at £19.50 for two or £24.50 for three.

I’d also highly recommend the small bar area on that floor, especially early evening. We stopped in for cocktails, just before curtain up one night, so it cleared out quickly but not emptied, and it was great cocktails, lovely environment and good atmosphere. Also worth popping up here in the interval, it’s quieter than the main bar.

We stayed at a hotel that had seen better days, but if I could have my choice, then I would definitely stay at the Church Street Townhouse. I went for dinner, and could have just moved in! I know several friends who have stayed there, and absolutely loved it. If we’d had more time, then we’d have spent more time in the bar, it was just a great atmosphere. I don’t mind which room I have, though a lovely bath would be a treat!

There’s definitely more to Stratford than twee tea rooms and naff tourist traps, and I am looking forward to my next trip. In fact so much, I’m spending my birthday there!


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