Halloween treats for kids big and small


Halloween is almost upon us


Halloween seems to grow every year. I have written about it every year since 2009, which I think is the first year we seriously got involved, mainly because we live in a village, there are lots of kids and it’s a pretty safe environment for them to go trick or treating. That, and I have a great cookbook!

But if you don’t want to do it yourself, then these are some goodies, or should that be baddies, that I’ve picked out as treats without the tricks.

Fortnum & Mason Pick Your Poison Truffles for Halloween

I always think of Fortnum & Mason as being too posh to do Halloween (although they are the only retailer I know who lists it as Hallowe’en, which I am sure is technically correct). Last year there was a great hamper, and there’s a few more like that this year. But for a laugh I like the Pick Your Poison Truffles.


James Chocolates Spooky Chocolate Haunted House

I’ve done gingerbread houses at Christmas, but never seen a chocolate house before, and certainly not a chocolate haunted house. Love this one from James Chocolates, great centre piece if you’re having a party. Or are greedy.


Halloween Cookie Pops


For something a bit different, then how about these cookie pops? Yes, I know they’re biscuits on a stick but they are a bit of fun.


Those pesky kids! Scooby Doo tin from Biscuiteers


This is one from my childhood, and if you were lovers of those pesky kids, then this tin of Scooby Doo iced biscuits from Biscuiteers could be just the thing. I love the monsters in this tin, I can imagine some arguments over who gets what!


Halloween Treats jar of sweets


Depending on how many kids of all ages you’ve got home for Halloween, then this jar of Halloween treats might be just the thing. All sorts of ghostly sweets from rats to brains, fangs to skeletons, so perfect for the big night.


Halloween Chocolate Cube


And if you want some cute chocolate gifts, that are more treat than trick, then I love these Halloween gift cubes from Chocolate Trading Co. Slightly less ghoulish than some!

Have some fun with it, particularly as it falls on a Saturday night this year. But remember, please be about the treats and no tricks.


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