Gung Hay Fat Choy!


Chinese New Year - a gift of a festival for a Chinese food lover


It’s a nice greeting at this time of year, to be wished a prosperous year. As Chinese is pretty much up there in MGG’s top three (chicken chow mein rotates with mussels and chicken pie as her fave) then there is a big demand for Chinese food here. Being close to Leicester, we’re really well supplied for more unusual Indian ingredients, but less so on Chinese. So, these are my fave online sources, as my trips to Hong Kong seem to have dried up for now:

* Wing Yip – I associate these with some really huge supermarkets I’ve seen around the country, and it certainly has everything I think you might need, and then some. I mean, get all the ingredients, and then some paper lanterns as well! Site is a bit hard to navigate though, and for most of these things I may as well go to Sainsbury’s.

* The Asian Cookshop – this is probably my preferred site, as we cook from a wide variety of Asian cuisines, and this covers everything from Chinese to Sri Lankan and Japanese, even Filipino. It covers dried and fresh food, so you can get things like banana leaves and dumpling wrappers.

* Canton Tea Co – you’ll need some good tea and this a good source for a wide variety, with a number that are Great Taste gold award winners. What ever takes your fancy is probably here: black, green, white and flowering. To me, jasmine tea is still the best thing to go with Chinese.

I wish we were nearer to somewhere authentic with a dragon dance, and proper food, so we’ll be busy doing our own. Here’s hoping it’s a prosperous year ahead for all.

Photo by Paolo Camera on Flickr.


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