Getting ready for Valentine’s Day


How to make Valentine's Day not suck. Or how to give a Valentine's Day gift to a food lover that they'll really love


Is there anyone, with the exception of card and lingerie manufacturers, who really loves Valentine’s Day? My particular pet hate is “special” menus for the evening, having being scarred by a Chinese restaurant experience in my earlier years. The pudding of perpetual delight was nothing close to its billing!

I would think most food lovers would skip eating out that night, even without a special menu, as restaurants are going to be packed with people who don’t eat out any other day of the year. In a similar vein, there’ll be a whole raft of gifts for alleged food lovers that most of us would not give cupboard space to, let alone let them cross our palates. So, I’m going to do my best to sort out the good from the bad and tasteless, depending on the kind of foodie you’re going to be buying for.

If you really can’t be bothered to put much effort into it, then I would just order some really good champagne in and retreat for the weekend. If you’re a bloke and want top brownie points, then do that and order roses from The Real Flower Company, they are the most beautiful arrangements ever. Do not, in my experience, order from Next or M&S to be delivered on the day. They’ll be dead before Tuesday and she’ll be ringing for a replacement.

More ideas to follow, to try and ensure a Valentine’s Day of great taste, not one that sucks!

Fabulous shot by Sister72 over on Flickr.


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