Getting ready for Pancake Day


Pancake race - a food lover's favourite race?


Tuesday is Pancake Day, and I can’t wait. I love all forms of pancakes, from crepes to galettes, savoury and sweet, and all the way to American style pancakes too. So last time I was in France I invested in a good crepe pan like this one:


Crepe Pan - great gift for a food lover who loves every kind of pancake

I’ve seen a few crepe pans when I’ve searched in the UK that have really quite high sides, whereas mine is very shallow lipped like this one, which makes flipping a lot easier. I use it for crepes and American pancakes, for crisping up pancetta and things like vegetable fritters. Though obviously not the deep fried variety.

This one is from Harts of Stur and whilst not cheap I’ve certainly had my money’s worth out of mine.

Pancake race photo by Pedro Figueiredo on Flickr.


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