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Dragon Dance


Thursday sees the start of the Chinese New Year, and ushers in the year of the sheep. I’ve written before about how much we like our Chinese food in this house and even though MGG will be away, I’ll have others to entertain that night so definitely menu planning.

I had a great conversation on Twitter with Wai Yee Hong (brilliant Chinese supermarket if you’re in and around Bristol) about what I could cook, and trying to find a menu that will suit all attending. I would have loved to have done a whole steamed fish, apparently often on the menu at this time, but not sure everyone would be up for that. I think I’ve come down to making prawn and ginger dumplings, which got the thumbs up and then probably a more westernised main course.

If you want some ideas, there’s a great page on the Wai Yee Hong website with some ideas for each course. You can order online from them, including the fresh and frozen section if you’re in the Bristol area, and there’s a whole page of New Year products.

There’s also some great ideas over on the Sous Chef site, although more for gifts than dinner perhaps. The Great Hamper of China would be great for anyone who is really seriously into their Chinese food, or you could even give them something like the Tabletop Hotpot. I wish I’d got organised and ordered the New Year Cake Recipe Kit, although perhaps I could google a recipe and give it a go, just for fun.

If you can get out and see a dragon dance, it really is an experience. In the meantime, I’m off to make some red envelopes ready to hand out some cash and good wishes.

Photo by Carrie Kellenberger.


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