Getting kids into cooking French food


I had a lovely afternoon recently with a youngster with a big interest in cooking, working our way through a couple of the recipes in this book, Kids Cook French.


kids cook french

Now, it’s an interesting book, as it’s a bi-lingual book. I’m not entirely sure why, because we only read the English side (though I do now know, from a casual glance through, the French for Swiss chard), and I’m not sure if the aim of the book is to teach English or cooking. It at least does one part well from experience.

We worked through the apple frangipane tart, which I guess is a good basic skill, in understanding frangipane, and some good knife skills on cutting all those apples.


Uncooked tart


The results were pretty darn spectacular, not to mention tasty.


Cooked tart


The beef bourginon was okay, though my chef had got a bit bored by that point of all that prep work. I have to say, this might be an “authentic” French version, but I’ll stick to my fail safe version from Delia.

This is a very pretty book to look at, with some beautiful illustrations, and lovely stories about each of the dishes. It’s definitely one for older children (my chef is ten), and for ones who are well beyond just chicken nuggets. If they’re looking to learn French, well, there’s some interesting vocabulary but it’s definitely a secondary part of the appeal. Great gift though for kids who want to get more involved in the kitchen.


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