Get ready for the red and pink onslaught


Worst Valentine's gift ever?

It probably can’t have escaped your notice that shops have taken on a distinctly red hue. Possibly pink as well. Ah yes, the annual love fest of Valentine’s Day approaches, and in many gift categories taste goes out the window, and inflated price tags fly in.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a completely unromantic soul, I’m just not a great lover of over-commercialised forcing of activities. If it’s love, then surely it’s love on all the other days of the year, without Hallmark telling you. Or there are other signs of love than a dozen red roses, which are completely out of season.

Seriously, I love roses (in fact seriously adore them) but on a cold February morning, 3 bunches of fresh English daffs say I love you just as much, if not more so, than some poor hot housed blooms that have cost the same as a small family car. At least you could all afford to eat for the month and the daffs would probably last longer too.

The same goes for the Valentine’s gifts. The vast majority are fairly hideous and show a distinct lack of imagination. I tend not to write about those! But I will write about the good stuff. But equally I would say it shows as much if not more love and attention to buy something you know your loved one really appreciates than something someone else thinks they should. If they have a thing for Babycham and cheese straws, then don’t get distracted by heart shaped boxes of chocolate! Thought and imagination win out every time, for gifts for foodies or any other kind of lover in your life.

As I’ve said many times, go early and with thought about the recipient, and it’s hard to go wrong.


Great photo from Anokarina on Flickr, came up on a search for “worst Valentine’s gift”. Probably would agree with that!


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