Freemans – end of the alley, not end of the line


You’ve probably got the impression by now that I really, really do love New York, and that my last trip was a good one. And I love that there is always somewhere new to me to discover. I particularly enjoy those that are accidental discoveries, and Freemans was definitely one of those.

We had a mission to visit Freemans Sporting Club, as a unique and interesting menswear shop. The clothes are great, the philosophy very contemporary (all the clothes made within 10 miles of the New York store) and it has a very cool, retro barbershop. Twiglet and I got talking to the guy on the barbershop reception, and he asked if we knew they had a restaurant, which he then raved about.

Well, it was lunchtime…and it’s at the end of an alley which, according to him, is a big deal in NYC, there aren’t many. If they were all like this, they should have more!


Freemans Restaurant - lunchtime heaven at the end of an alley


I love the description of this place as a rugged, clandestine, colonial American tavern. I’ve no idea what it should be like, but this seems to be the perfect description. Definitely manly and masculine, but not in a way that Twiglet and I felt anyway out of place or uncomfortable. Apart from Twiglet declaring the waiter hot. Again.

Like the philosophy behind the clothing, then they seem big on local food sourcing as well, and it ticks all the seasonal boxes as well. We both had fantastic salads (it was lunchtime) with Twiglet declaring the steak salad the best thing she’d eaten. Ever.


The best steak salad ever at Freemans


Just bear in mind, this is two days before eating at WD50 though.

I was very happy with the chicken salad, but rather sad that we had a lot left to do so no chance to work through the cocktail menu. We did manage a Cinnamon Lemonade and a Mrs Palmer, a refreshing blend of lavender honey, lemon and iced tea. Personally, I think a Day Thyme Cup would have gone down very nicely. Oh, and I wish I had ordered the Devils on Horseback. Table next to us had them and they looked amazing.

I’d go back to try dinner, and definitely would stop by for lunch again. We were there on a Monday lunchtime and it seemed fairly quiet and we hadn’t booked. Find them at the end of Freeman Alley, off Rivington between Bowery and Chrystie. Well worth tracking down.


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