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I was tweeting the bad news on Sunday that our beloved Gaggia coffee machine had suddenly stopped working. Like between breakfast and elevenses. And I say our beloved, but it’s very clearly been Dr T’s machine, as it is quite temperamental, being Italian.

So the twitter fonts of knowledge pointed me in the direction of some really interesting and useful pieces of information:

1. A great article by Tim Hayward on his pursuit of the perfect espresso,which led to

2. A Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine, which ranks up there as not a bad route to the perfect espresso and

3. It’s featured on a great site, called Has Bean Coffee, which has a great range of gadgets and gizmos for the serious coffee lover.


The site is a great resource if you’re searching for gifts for a serious coffee lover, with everything from machines to beans, even home roasting kit, which really is taking it to serious levels! I do like the idea of a bespoke coffee tamper, which fits your particular machine at home, and can be engraved, so a truly one-off gift. There’s also a small but interesting collection of books, just to give them the extra edge on their espresso brewing!

Meanwhile, Dr T says he’s going to strip down the Gaggia and repair it, but says it’s all my fault. I had thought the night before the break down that if the Gaggia ever gave up, then maybe this would be a good choice to replace it. But then it may just be that it sounds a little less temperamental than the Gaggia! But if it comes back to life, then I’ll be investigating some new stuff for him to make the most of it!

Crema in motion shot by Emily Prachthauser on Flickr.


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