Food reflections on Hong Kong


If you follow me on Twitter, you may know I’ve been out in Hong Kong recently for work, but I did manage to squeeze in some eating, and some food orientated shopping. Here’s a just a few thing that were either good to eat, or caught my eye!


Automatic pancake maker in Hong Kong. I almost want one.


My favourite bit of hotel breakfast automated kit: push the button and out pops an American style pancake 60 seconds later. Is this what you want to put on it though:


Mabel syrup anyone?


Are there enough scrubbing brushes in your kitchen? Well, I found three more you might need.


Scrubbing brushes for every chore in your kitchen


My team always worry I might bring them back something “edible”. Lucky for them, I passed on the packets of dried octopus.


Dried Octopus to snack on anyone?


Though if you wanted a cheap lunch, look at this sushi: four California rolls for under £3 and salmon sashimi for £4.


Sushi time, Hong Kong style

But for a hot lunch, then this was my choice: pork and ginger gyoza, fried rice and a drink for £5. Freshly prepared and cooked in front of me, in a matter of minutes, at the food court at City Super, one of my fave places for a quick meal.


Pork Gyoza at City Super


I love Hong Kong, and any time there is a real pleasure. Even in 98% humidity.


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