Feeling nostalgic about the end of an era at WD-50


The countdown is really on, and it is true: WD-50 will close its doors for the final time on 30 November. And it makes me sad that I won’t get to eat there again, but thankful that I did at least get to experience it once in my life.

I was reminiscing with Twiglet that it was definitely up there in my top 3 meals ever. In fact, I agreed with her, the lunch we’d had a couple of days early at Freemans is up there too. But WD-50 is probably at the top of the tree. I was lucky to share the meal with three fabulous women, and it really was a moment in time, a New York moment in time.


How it looks now, but not for much longer


There wasn’t a moment of the experience that wasn’t memorable, from the drinks, to the first read of the menu, the first time we got to our table. I’d forgotten how lovely the pH cocktails were, and think I really must have a go at recreating them.

Each course took us by surprise, but it wasn’t poncey, it was fun. Or if it was poncey then we were having too much fun to notice. I remember us thinking that it was clever, but not too clever. I mean the Eggs Benedict and Florentine were just breathtaking (cubed eggs anyone?) but were darned tasty too.


Square eggs anyone?


The desserts were just beautiful, even if we thought we weren’t going to be able to manage them. But we did. It was a magical evening, and there was no better company than Twiglet, the Nose and Boss Lady No 1, and we’ve all talked about it on several occasions since. Hard to believe it was three years ago this summer.

Hard to believe it will soon be gone.

But I guess that makes it just like great food, here and then gone. Wylie Dufresne has opened another restaurant, Alder, so will just have to go try that one. Or maybe not, maybe it won’t ever live up to the original. But I hope so, and I wish them well, and thank them for giving the four of us an incredible meal and some incredible memories. If you’ve managed to get tickets for any of these last few services then I feel quite envious and hope you too have an incredible evening.


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