Fabulous meat from The Well Hung Meat Company



Butchery at the Well Hung Meat Company


I’ve not ordered meat from The Well Hung Meat Company before, not entirely sure why. But their Easter special box was a bargain at £67 and I couldn’t be happier with what arrived.

There was a leg of lamb, bone in, which will be perfect for some slow roasting, and a good size chicken as well. If the weather warmed up then I’d have great beef burgers, chicken drumsticks and lamb chops ready to go on the BBQ. Or could make my own with the mince, or some spare ribs as well.

Whilst this may not be local to me, this is the kind of meat I want to eat. It’s organic and it’s cared for to the highest possible welfare standards. It’s traceable and they know all the farms and farmers involved. The meat was brilliantly packaged and delivery was simple, and was chilled not frozen. Which meant I could freeze it for lovely meals ahead.

I may be eating less meat going forward, but what meat I do eat will need to meat like this. Highly recommend it to you.


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