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I had a few nights in Dublin this week for work, though managed to pack in a good dinner and some good cocktails.

Which is not where I discovered Irish gins. No, that would have been killing time at Dublin airport, for much longer than expected thanks to a delay.

Sadly there were no tasters available, so no idea on where to start on these other than working from the visual appeal. Anyone help me out? Where would you start? I mean, I could go alphabetically but maybe you know different?


A shelf full of Irish gin loveliness

I really liked the look of these two in particular:


My choices of Irish gins

Now, maybe I’d like the Gunpowder Irish Gin as a starting point, given how much I liked the Yorkshire Gin infused with Yorkshire Tea. But then I’m fonder of Yorkshire Tea than gunpowder tea, but I’m still very fond of gin.

I would pick the Glendalough on looks alone, such a beautiful looking bottle. I also love the story behind the brand, with them having a different gin recipe for each season. This is the summer one, with aromas of green meadows apparently. I’d like the autumn one right now, with a mix of crab apple, blackberry and water mint.

Maybe there’s more to be explored? Given that many places that go onto make whisky start with gin, and the history of whisky in Ireland, then maybe there is a lot more to explore. Just so hard to decide on where to start.

Which would you pick?


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2 thoughts on “Exploring Irish gin”

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    Jools Cyprien says:

    Hi Helen, I’m late to the party with this response having saved your tweet and like most never get around to reading them. Both of them are cracking gins the gunpowder is my favorite with its citrus flavor, i bought the Glendalough based on the stunning bottle but also it’s a really nice gin. You might want to try the Berthas revenge milk gin it’s lovely. I had it first in Cork while traveling with work and have struggled to stop buying a bottle every time I’m in Ireland.

  2. Jools, I have to be honest, I’m still tempted by all three of those! I’ve just used up a bottle, so it’s a toss up between Gunpowder, and Lilliput gin which is new out of Dorset. Decisions, decisions!

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