Do you dehydrate at home?


Dehydrating at Home - a great cookbook to gift to a food lover who likes to do it from themselves


And I’m not talking about the effect you feel the morning after the night before! But this book by Michelle Keogh is all about getting the most out of your dehydrator.

Now, I’ll be honest, unlike my usual review, I have not tested any of these recipes as I don’t own a dehydrator. The PR team at the publishers had said in their blurb that you could try these in the oven too. They just didn’t mention that it would need 12 to 17 hour in the oven.

I asked on Twitter and a few people who had dehydrators said they use them fairly regularly, with things like veg crisps and fruit leather getting a mention, along with drying herbs and making beef jerky.

If you do own a dehydrator though, then this might just be a good book for coming up with some new ideas to make the most of it. So yes, there are recipes for drying fruit, but also taking it up a level with things like double-dehydrated coconut vanilla bananas, which sound delicious.

Got your fruit leathers cracked? Well, how about giving salted caramel apple leather go?

Tackled beef jerky? Ring the changes and try Chinese pork jerky.

There’s recipes for things like crackers and flatbreads, and dried nuts and herbs, so making lots of additional recipes from things you might have around in the first place. In that respect, it’s a great book, along with great photography.

Fancy the gadget to go with the book? Lakeland have a 5 tray version, currently £49.99, though I was surprised to find John Lewis don’t have one.

So, one to think about if you know a food lover who has the gadget, this is currently £12.08 with free delivery from Amazon or £12.99 at Waterstones.


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