Definitely my favourite new chocolate


Just a very quick post to say I am in love with a new chocolate. It’s no secret that I do love my chocolate, and I’ve written before about Amelia Rope’s amazing chocolate.


Amelia Rope White Edition 3 - perfect gift for a food lover who loves great white chocolate


Well, now I finally have managed to get hold of some of the White Collection and, oh my! Now, I’m not necessarily a big white chocolate fan, but Edition No 3 is incredible. A combination of pistachios and Maldon sea salt, I am finding it hard to resist! I love a sweet salty combo and this has that, plus the luxury of the melting white chocolate with the crunch of the nuts.

It’s also visually stunning, as you can imagine, with white chocolate studded with little jewels of green pistachios. Just beautiful!

You can buy online from Amelia’s site but I bought mine in Liberty, and yes, I left you some! Unless the guy from the beauty counter who took for my chocolate and lipstick purchases (my favourite indulgences) went mad, as I raved about the chocolate and he was keen to go try!


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    Amelia says:

    Fab to see you loved my new White Collection – I am addicted but then I am totally biaised!

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