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Great gift ideas for food lovers from Craved


I love it when you find people doing good stuff with great food. Or to be fair, Craved found me and sent me a lovely box of amazing things to show what they’re doing.

And I love what they are doing, which is pulling together great food from great producers and presenting it really well. It truly is curation at its best.

And I love that they are doing things a bit differently, with perhaps a bit of a tongue in cheek attitude. I mean, any time now a Snow Survival Kit is going to be very appealing, and, as those who know me will know, Gintoxicating has my name all over it.


Snow Survival Kit from Craved


There was nothing in the box which I’d tried before, which is always exciting. PaMa sauerkraut crackers definitely new to me, and make a nice change. Although a slightly acquired taste I think. Whereas Mast Brothers chocolate is a taste I could happily acquire.

We’re saving the Gosnell’s London Mead for Christmas, but love the story behind this. And we’ll probably save the soy glazed walnuts from Carpe Nux to go with it. A similar range makes up the Capital Collection, which is a lovely mix of things for £38.

Great business, really worth a look at. There are some great small producers in here as well, so I definitely see this as a win win kind of business.


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