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Time for beer


I think it’s fair to say I don’t write about beer very often on here, or at least not beer I’ve been tasting. I think the last beer tasting I did was with the ones from Tickety Brew, although that worked out pretty well.

But I have tried more recently, which is definitely MFL’s influence, not to mention the great variety kept at The Merchants Inn in Rugby. So when the team at Beer52 offered to send me one of their cases, I knew some connoisseurs I might have to hand to help with the tasting.


exciting box


That said, the arrival of the box caused excitement in the village, the postman told me they’d all had a taste. I did point out the box said “to be opened by addressee only”.

Beer52 was set up by James Brown (not the godfather of soul, much younger. And alive), after what sounds like one hell of a great road trip. Great start to a story, and it was a long trip from Edinburgh to Faro, which must be why this looks like lots of thought have gone into it.

If you receive a box, or send it to someone else as a very generous gift, then all the details will fascinate, surprise, delight…all of those things and that’s before you get to the beers. There’s the detailed pouring instructions on the box:


clear instructions


There’s all the guides in the box, from a welcome to the club, to a glossy book of a road trip around Britain that’ll have you wanting to tick more beers off (good to see Tickety Brew in here!), and then the tasting notes in tabloid format almost.


beer tasting notes


Oh yes, and there were the actual bottles! I would say you could access all of this whether beer geek or beer novice like me.


beer 52 beers


There was great variety in the box of 8, and something for every kind of taste. I love that the tasting notes also included a recipe, and some great articles too.


beer 52 recipe


If you have a beer lover that you need a gift for, or just someone difficult to buy for, then this could be brilliant idea. You can buy one, or even a generous six months worth of monthly deliveries, and options for more or less. A one off case is £24 for 8 beers, and they obviously get cheaper per box the longer you commit to.

The team have given me an exclusive code for £10 off your first box, with the code FOODIE, making it just £14 for 8 beers, with free delivery.  You’ll also get the free road trip book and a bottle opener. Well, it would be a shame to get all that beer and then find you couldn’t find the opener!

Love this as an idea, as it’s a small business supporting other small businesses, so definitely worth a look.


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