Counting down to Real Food Festival!


Real Food Festival - a gift of a day out for any food lover

I wrote last year about how I really, really wasn’t sorry that I wasn’t going to Real Food Festival. So really not sorry that I’ve booked to go this year. Just to see what I really wasn’t sorry about.

BFF and I are making the trip together, on the basis that four carrying arms may be more useful than two. I’ve got a deckchair space booked between Gower Cottage Brownies and Trealy Farm Charcuterie for when it all gets a bit too much, and I’m not going to eat all day Thursday.

Now all we need is a plan of attack for the day.

And here the endless decisions start, knowing that by the end of it I will feel I’ve missed something! How many live demos can you do and still fit everything else in? Then there’s a Butchery Theatre, which sounds like useful skills at least (as opposed to sitting through theatre productions being butchered, seen a few of those). And I have to make time for a tasting at La Cave a Fromage.

We’ll have to make time to eat of course, although I think grazing will be the order of the day. Which would then set us up for the kitchen workshops, and I think as we’re both keen bakers then Clare Ptak’s session would be on our list.

And then there’s the shopping…ah yes, Mr Bank Manager, there will be shopping! Where will I begin? Or where will I stop? I think BFF and I may have to take the divide and conquer approach or else we’re not going to get round everyone. But then half the fun is discovering stuff together.

Ah well, deep breath, and into the fray we will go! Hoping to find some new ideas and inspiration, not to mention some great eating. We’re going Friday, no doubt I’ll be tweeting as I go, let me know if you are there too!

Photo courtesy of Real Food Festival.


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